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Trying to sell products or services that are complicated to explain?

You want to get a persuasive message out fast.

  • And add in further detail whenever you wish.
  • But, you are stuck trying to create endless content to get your point across.

It feels cumbersome.

  • Because there seems to be too much complexity to convey.
  • You get distracted and delay the process. Because you feel it is never ready.

And you lose time and opportunity.

If you have some persuasive content stored digitally, you can start the process.

  • These could be articles or social media posts.
  • They could even be photos, reviews, certificates, location details, and much more.

Use these to create a pathway to lead your clients down.

  • To get your message across.
  • Within an hour.

Access our DIY tools to overcome your inertia of starting.

  • Use our online consulting services if you need expert help.
  • Get things done faster, with greater insight.

Map out your vision for what you want to say to clients, and make it happen.

  • Have the ability to shape your story as you add more detail over time.
  • So you can keep improving.

Want to create unique pathways to take clients along?

  • Create up to 10 unique pathways to enable each client to have the most relevant experience.
  • Each pathway allows for up to 30 links, to existing content, to always be relevant.
  • We call each pathway a Life Thread Path.
  • Each Life Thread Path shows unique pathways in the life of your business that are most relevant to specific clients.
  • Each pathway helps you show unique value and build trust.
  • To give you the best opportunity to be persuasive.

Need a link where clients can access all they need to know about your business?

Fast and convenient.

From one place. Even if you currently have no website.

Things like reasons to choose you, articles, social media posts, photos, reviews, certificates, location and contact details, and much more.

Justify your price by highlighting relevant value

Target clients by relevant value segments.

Build trust by addressing relevant concerns.

Highlight information most relevant to them

Not sure what to focus on?

  • Answer some questions and our algorithm will help you prioritize focus areas.
  • With explanations.
  • So you can identify priorities faster. Even if you have limited skills.

An algorithm runs 1,200 plus potential strategies to identify priorities.

Priority areas to build a Life Thread Path are identified and indexed to make the process easier for you.

Not sure what it all means? Each opportunity is introduced to you in general terms.

Each opportunity is explained to you in very specific terms to build your unique pathway.

Tired of starting on a blank page, yet again?

  • Access a pre-built framework that you can customize if you wish.
  • So you can start sooner and achieve your goals faster.

Pre-built descriptors that are customizable.

Build as you get ideas. Add on where necessary.

Sort in the order you prefer as your needs change.

Up to 30 links in each path. Add or remove as you wish.

Tired of being the same as competitors?

  • Need some unique ideas to build value into your business?
  • So it is regarded as unique?
  • So you can justify your pricing?
  • The Value Story Builder helps you create a string of clues. To show how doing business with your brand addresses client concerns in an empathetic way.
  • It takes a concern, which has an emotional basis around perceived loss. Then it helps you show how you lower that risk. It also helps you show the emotional and financial benefits of the solution you provide. It shows that you care.
    • So that the trail of clues you leave behind will create a positive emotional connection.
    • So that you can elevate the perceived value of your brand.
    • So that you are different and adding more value in ways that your competitors are not doing.
    • So you can make the emotional connection with clients that your competitors do not have.
    • So that you can justify your price or charge more, should you wish to do so.

Are you finding that trust is an issue for your business or your category?

  • Develop trust-building ideas in areas you know are important to your clients. Ideas that may make you unique and more valuable.
  • So you can get new clients signed up.
  • So it is regarded as unique?
  • Access a tool to help you build trust. So you can show how to address fears that lurk in clients’ minds. Quickly find opportunities to build trust in your business, to make it easier to get new clients, even if it is new or faces past issues.
  • Brand trust derives from past performance and perceived benevolence. i.e. Being well-meaning and helpful. The Brand Trust Builder helps you create a string of clues that suggest your brand’s benevolence.
  • These clues highlight your client’s concerns about a variety of perceived risks. Then you get to show your solutions to those concerns.
  • It takes the concern, which has an emotional basis around perceived loss. Then it helps you show how you lower that risk. All in a framework you can transfer to your brand’s communications.
    • So that the trail of clues you leave behind will create a positive emotional connection.
    • So that your business has an easier time getting and keeping clients. And will likely have more pricing power.

Not sure about your existing communications priorities and need an independent view fast?

  • Run a comprehensive Communications Health Check in an hour.
  • Identify priority communications for your specific requirements.

Not enough time but need some insights to get to a useful output fast?

Try our 2-hour online workshops to speed up the idea generation process.

Develop better ideas to be more valued and liked.

Show why you are worth it – and have less stress doing it.

Communicate smarter to achieve your goals faster.

Build trust to get more sales and lose fewer clients.